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Book Examines the Bible's Stance on Eating Meat from Animals
USAgNet - 07/18/2019

A new book, "What Would Jesus Really Eat? The Biblical Case for Eating Meat," looks at what the Bible has to say about using and eating animals from several different perspectives. The book, edited by Palm Beach Atlantic University's Wes Jamison, PhD and Paul Copan, PhD, tackles topics including the challenges to Christian meat-eating, human exceptionalism and humanity's dominion over other living creatures.

"Over the past decade, a growing number of misleading messages about modern animal agriculture have been presented by animal rights activist groups to church and religious leaders or in religious forums, under the guise of religion and compassion," said Kay Johnson Smith, president and CEO of Animal Agriculture Alliance, which helped fund the production of the book.

"What Would Jesus Really Eat? will help arm farmers and ranchers and others in the animal agriculture industry with the information they need to have informed conversations about the complex subject of religion and eating meat. You'll be better prepared to push back against activist claims after reading this book," said Smith.

In addition to chapters from Drs. Jamison and Copan, the book includes chapters from five different authors with unique perspectives and expertise in theology: Tom St. Antoine, PhD, Palm Beach Atlantic University; Timothy Hsiao, PhD, Grantham University; Walter Kaiser, PhD, evangelical Old Testament scholar and Randy Spronk, a Minnesota hog farmer.

"This book reminds us that we have the blessing to eat meat with joy and thankfulness," said Dr. Jamison.

Copies of the book can be purchased from the Alliance for $15.00 plus shipping and handling.

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