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LaForage Earns Award for DynaTrac System
USAgNet - 12/14/2018

LAFORGE has been awarded a Gold Medal SIMA award for its universal DynaTrac® guidance system for precision farming.

At times when precision farming becomes an opportunity for farmers to increase yields, improve profitability and reduce inputs (fertilizers, seeds, chemical products, tillage), LAFORGE innovates and creates a universal guidance interface.

The DynaTrac interface is positioned on the tractor rear hitch. It slides laterally, controlled by the guidance system (GPS or camera) to ensure a rear implement positioning with an accuracy close to one inch. It allows decoupling of the implement’s motion from the tractor’s one. This eliminates constrains on the implement which eases its positioning and improves tracking of tractor’s trajectory. It has been proven beneficial both on flat and hilly fields.

The product coupled with a guidance system (GPS or camera) allows farms to instantly get ready for precision farming with their current range of implements and the ones to come.

Compatible with all tractors and all implements in the marketplace, the DynaTrac adds the guidance function to standard implements. It is an economical solution instead of buying an implement-dedicated guidance function on each implement.

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