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Turkey Detains Grain Russian Ship
USAgNet - 07/06/2022

Turkish authorities detained a Russian ship carrying grain stolen from Ukraine, Ukrainian officials said.

Anton Geraschenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian government, discussed the move in a Monday Telegram post, citing Ukraine's ambassador to Turkey.

He said Ukraine would like to see the ship Zhibek Zholy arrested and the grain confiscated.

As of Monday afternoon local time, ship-tracking website Marine Traffic showed the Zhibek Zholy at anchor around 1km off the port of Karasu on the Black Sea, a position it has held since Friday, Politico reported.

It picked up the grain from the port of Berdansk in Zaporizhzhya, a Ukrainian region occupied by Russia, the ambassador told Reuters.

Russian authorities there hailed it as "the first commercial ship" to leave the region since the war, a claim which experts derided as a "farce," Politico reported. Their conclusion was that cargo 7,000 tons of grain was likely stolen.

The accusation of theft by Ukraine is the latest step in what officials in the country as well as its Western allies have termed a deliberate attempt by Russia's President Vladimir Putin to selectively starve the world by blocking and redeploying Ukrainian food exports.

Since Russia invaded, exports have largely halted, depriving many nations in North Africa and the Middle East of staple foods for which they rely on from Ukrainian agriculture.

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