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SDSU showcases cutting-edge animal science research
South Dakota Ag Connection - 02/26/2024

South Dakota State University's Department of Animal Science is set to present their latest research at the 2024 Midwest Section meeting of the American Society of Animal Science, taking place from March 10-13 in Madison, Wisconsin, where students and faculty will showcase their innovative work in animal science.

The meeting promises an enriching environment for SDSU's graduate and undergraduate students to share their research findings through both oral and poster presentations.

It's an invaluable opportunity for them to gain exposure to national and international animal science research, fostering a vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas.

A highlight of this year's participation includes presentations by three SDSU graduating student research assistants. Their work, which spans multiple years, delves into critical aspects of swine health.

-Lauren Olson will discuss the beneficial effects of soy protein and methionine on sow health around birth.

-Garrin Shipman's research compares the nutritional value and digestibility of post-MSC DDGS with other fiber sources.

-Katlyn McClellan and undergraduate Sydney Sheffield will share insights into how hemoglobin concentration affects sow farrowing duration, with McClellan further exploring hemoglobin changes over two reproductive cycles.

The conference will cover a broad spectrum of livestock operations research, from breeding and nutrition to growth performance across swine, beef cattle, sheep, and bison.

SDSU faculty and SDSU Extension specialists will also present their most recent findings, contributing to the wealth of knowledge at the event.

Ryan Samuel, an assistant professor and SDSU Extension Swine Specialist, emphasizes the importance of the ASAS annual meeting. It serves as a critical platform for disseminating new information, learning about the latest research updates, and addressing challenges within the animal production industry.

The ASAS Midwest section represents a wide geographic area, including several U.S. states and Canadian provinces. This diversity enriches the meeting, making it a melting pot of ideas and innovations in animal science.

Oral presentations from SDSU will cover a range of topics, from the impact of dietary adjustments on livestock health and growth to the exploration of microbial communities in different livestock diets.

Poster presentations will further expand on these themes, offering detailed insights into the ongoing research efforts at SDSU.

This event not only highlights the pioneering research being conducted at SDSU but also underscores the university's commitment to advancing the field of animal science. It's an exciting opportunity for students, faculty, and industry professionals to engage with cutting-edge research and contribute to the future of animal agriculture.

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