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Kyle Holt leads South Dakota Ag foundation

Kyle Holt leads South Dakota Ag foundation

By Scout Nelson

The South Dakota Agricultural Foundation proudly welcomes Kyle Holt as its first Chief Executive Officer. With a rich background in agricultural leadership and advocacy, Holt is well-prepared to steer the Foundation into a promising future.

Nate Franzen, the Chairman of the Foundation's Board and President of the Agribusiness Division at First Dakota National Bank, praised Holt's appointment. He highlighted Kyle’s extensive experience, including roles under three South Dakota Secretaries of Agriculture, which equips him with a profound understanding of the state’s agricultural needs.

In previous capacities, Holt has served as Deputy Secretary at the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Director at the South Dakota Secretary of State’s office, and Senior Policy Advisor to the Commissioner of School and Public Lands. His responsibilities have consistently involved spearheading operations, enhancing partnerships, and driving legislative initiatives.

On accepting the role, Holt expressed his dedication to agriculture and his commitment to enhancing the Foundation's role in supporting South Dakota’s agricultural community. "Agriculture is a way of life here, and I am dedicated to advancing our mission to support farmers, ranchers, and rural communities," said Holt.

As CEO, Holt will oversee the strategic direction and daily operations of the Foundation, focusing on fundraising, program development, and stakeholder engagement. His leadership comes at a crucial time as the Foundation seeks to broaden its influence and outreach across the state.

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