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Thune's push for a farmer-focused farm bill

Thune's push for a farmer-focused farm bill

By Scout Nelson

Agriculture forms the backbone of South Dakota, and Senator John Thune, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, is at the forefront of advocating for the state's farmers and ranchers.

As the current farm bill nears expiration, Thune stresses the importance of crafting legislation that directly supports the agricultural community.

Throughout his tenure in Congress, where he has influenced four farm bills, Thune’s primary objective has been to reflect the real-world needs of farmers and ranchers. His initiatives stem from extensive state-wide discussions with agricultural producers, ensuring their voices and concerns shape the farm bill.

Senator John Boozman (R-Ark.), leading Republican on the committee, recently proposed a new farm bill framework, inspired by House Republicans' version, which received bipartisan approval from the House Agriculture Committee.

This proposal emphasizes traditional farming needs over the broader climate-focused policies favored by some senators. Thune supports this approach, hoping it will realign the Senate’s focus towards more pressing agricultural issues.

The proposed Senate framework includes several of Thune’s legislative measures aimed at enhancing agricultural support programs. It suggests improvements to the Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage programs, critical components of the farm safety net.

It integrates Thune’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Improvement Act and CRP Flexibility Act, offering better options and drought flexibilities for CRP contract holders.

Other measures focus on making crop insurance more accessible for young farmers and expanding processing options for livestock producers, thus increasing capacity for smaller meatpackers.

Senator Thune is hopeful about the new farm bill framework, recognizing it as a significant advancement for farmers and ranchers.

He urges bipartisan cooperation to expedite the bill, prioritizing agricultural growth and stability over partisan interests, and ensuring no further delays in support for American agricultural producers.

Kyle Holt leads South Dakota Ag foundation Kyle Holt leads South Dakota Ag foundation
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