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Energize! 2024 sparks rural SD development

Energize! 2024 sparks rural SD development

By Scout Nelson

The Energize! 2024 Conference, held on May 21st and 22nd in Hot Springs, brought together rural leaders from across South Dakota. Organized by South Dakota State University, the event aimed to empower attendees with essential skills and knowledge to strengthen their communities.

The conference featured a range of activities focused on leadership training, small business development, marketing, strategic planning, and expanding agritourism.

The South Dakota Specialty Producers Association (SDSPA) played a pivotal role as a resource partner, providing valuable insights into developing local food networks.

Malisa Niles, the SDSPA Urban Agriculture Liaison, managed the SDSPA booth, engaging with specialty producers and industry leaders. The booth displayed information on SDSPA membership, soil health, pollinators, and shared agricultural equipment and tools.

Notable attendees included members from Abb-Bee’s Honey and Black Hills Mushroom, who discussed their specialty operations. Nick Hernandez and AJ Granelli from Makoce Agriculture Development presented their business initiatives aimed at enhancing local food infrastructure. SDSPA Board Member Bob Weyrich, representing the SD Small Business Development Center, was in attendance.

The conference also featured breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a motivational speech by Michael Perry titled “Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time.” This event provided the skills and inspiration for attendees to return to their communities and drive positive change.

Applications are currently open for cities interested in hosting Energize! 2025, with the requirement that prospective host cities must have a population under 5,000, adhering to the mission of focusing on rural community empowerment.

Photo Credit -south-dakota-state-university

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