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Johnson Discusses Federal Agricultural Goals
South Dakota Ag Connection - 04/02/2024

U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson discussed the status of the upcoming Farm Bill and recently passed legislation on “Product of USA” labeling at a recent visit to Sioux Falls.

The Farm Bill is perhaps the most influential bill Johnson is currently working on. He’s one of members of a subcommittee that creates the Farm Bill’s language.

The bill creates multiple federal safety nets, farm loans, conservation programs, and disaster assistance available to farmers.

Johnson said a challenge for the committee is building a bill that will last for a five-year duration.

“The reason we do a farm bill for a five-year period is that it provide predictability to producers. They don’t have rules changing every year, the know what the rules of road are, they know what type of risk management produces to buy in the marketplace, crop insurance. But we are behind," said Johnson. "We took the last five-year farm bill, we turned it into a six year farm bill to buy ourselves a little more time.”

Johnson said he has had a personal investment in developing the language in the new Farm Bill.

“I am one of the five subcommittee chairmen that helped draft the Farm Bill. We’re really close to being able to release text. I expect that the House will pass out a Farm Bill in the next few months,” said Johnson.

A piece of legislation aimed to support the farm bill by redefining “Product of USA” labeling was recently set in law. Johnson said this labeling has been issue he has been trying to tackle for years.

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