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AM radio in jeopardy for farmers - AFBF calls for action

AM radio in jeopardy for farmers - AFBF calls for action

By Jamie Martin

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is urging support for the "AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act" currently being considered by Congress. This legislation would require automakers to continue equipping new vehicles with AM radios, a move seen as essential for farmers and rural residents.

Emily Buckman, director of government affairs for AFBF, highlights the importance of AM radio for rural communities. "Farmers and ranchers depend on AM radio for weather updates, commodity pricing information, and news about national farm policies," Buckman explains. "Reliable access to this information is critical, especially during emergencies."

The need for AM radio stems from the challenges of rural living. "For those who work outdoors, often far from home, timely information is crucial," Buckman says. "AM radio provides a dependable way to receive important updates during critical situations."

The legislation comes in response to a recent trend by automakers to remove AM radios from new electric vehicles (EVs), citing potential interference from electric batteries.

Buckman points out that some manufacturers, like Ford, initially planned to remove AM radios from all vehicles before reversing the decision.

The AFBF is encouraging farmers and ranchers to contact their representatives in Congress and urge them to support the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act.

By ensuring AM radio remains available, this legislation will help safeguard the ability of rural residents to stay informed.

Photo Credit: american-farm-bureau-federation

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