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Maximizing profit with smart cow feed management
South Dakota Ag Connection - 11/29/2023

Heather Gessner, a Livestock Business Management Field Specialist with SDSU Extension, emphasizes the importance of managing feed expenses in cattle farming, citing their significant impact on cow feeding budgets. Rising summer pasture rental rates and fluctuating forage prices pose challenges for producers.

Gessner emphasizes the importance of creating a least-cost winter ration, even in times of favorable cattle prices. The first step involves analyzing feed samples to gauge their nutritional content. This assessment is crucial for determining the need for additional nutrients in the cow diet.

SDSU Extension offers a valuable tool in this regard – the Feed Nutrient Comparison Calculator. This resource compares various feed options based on energy and protein content, aiding producers in making informed decisions. It factors in feed analysis, pricing, and delivery expenses, allowing for a comprehensive comparison.

This approach is not just about choosing the cheapest option; it's about finding the right balance. Feed is available in different forms – from 50-pound bags to bulk by-the-ton purchases. The calculator helps in evaluating the "delivered price" of these feeds, considering additional charges like mileage.

By monitoring, managing, and minimizing feed costs while ensuring a balanced diet, cattle farmers can enhance their profit potential. The Feed Nutrient Comparison Calculator serves as a starting point for this process.

To use the calculator, Click Here

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