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Most S.D. Grains and All Hay Stocks Down
South Dakota Ag Connection - 01/13/2022

South Dakota corn stocks in all positions on December 1, 2021 totaled 624 million bushels, down slightly from 2020, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Of the total, 420 million bushels are stored on farms, unchanged from a year ago. Off-farm stocks, at 204 million bushels, are down slightly from last year.

Soybeans stored in all positions totaled 155 million bushels, down 8% from last year. On-farm stocks of 67.0 million bushels are up 3% from a year ago, while off-farm stocks, at 87.6 million bushels, are down 15% from 2020.

All wheat stored in all positions totaled 37.9 million bushels, down 45% from a year ago. On-farm stocks of 14.5 million bushels are down 50% from 2020, and off-farm stocks of 23.4 million bushels are down 41% from last year.

Oats stocks totaled 3.23 million bushels, down 58% from last year. On-farm stocks, at 2.50 million bushels, are down 56% from a year ago, while off-farm stocks, at 725,000 bushels, are down 63% from 2020.

Barley on-farm stocks of 160,000 bushels are down 61% from a year ago.

Sorghum off-farm stocks totaled 5.76 million bushels are up 54% from a year ago.

Hay stocks on South Dakota farms totaled 3.30 million tons on December 1, 2021, down 43% from a year earlier.

Grain storage capacity in South Dakota totaled 1.18 billion bushels, up 10 million bushels from December 1, 2020. Total grain storage capacity is comprised of 740 million bushels of on-farm storage, up 10 million from last year, and 440 million bushels of off-farm storage, unchanged from 2020

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