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Urban Farm Aims To Educate In Sioux Falls
South Dakota Ag Connection - 05/23/2023

Urban farming is a unique approach to utilizing green space in the city. A couple in Sioux Falls is attempting to inspire others through their educational urban farm.

IronFox Farm is an urban farm located in the middle of Sioux Falls. Megan Eisenbeis is a co-founder. She said its intent is to raise awareness of urban farming and to teach the next generation how to grow fresh produce.

Eisenbeis and co-founder Daniel Vos work with local A+ Elementary School, Eugene Field.

“We work specifically with third and fourth graders, and so there is about 140 students each year that we go to the classroom twice in the spring and then the students are able to come to the garden during school hours and they’ve planted the garden as a class,” said Eisenbeis.

Eisenbeis said the kids return the following school year as fourth and fifth graders to reap the benefits of their harvest.

While the farm is a community-based project, Eisenbeis said this year, IronFox farm has an order to fill to further support the community.

“We have an agreement with the Fair Market in Sioux Falls and with Augustana Garden, actually. So Augustana Garden and IronFox Farm are supplying fresh produce to the Fair Market locations,” said Eisenbeis.

According to Eisenbeis, Fair Market is unique. It allows EBT card users to purchase fresh produce which is sometimes not available at supermarkets.

Fair Market has two locations in Sioux Falls and partners with multiple organizations to provide reduced-price grocery items.

Source: sdpb.org

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