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Flower Farm Embraces U-Pick Events and Efficient Seed Starting Techniques
South Dakota Ag Connection - 05/26/2023

In Elk Point, South Dakota, a local flower farm is preparing for its unique planting season. The farm, known for hosting U-Pick events, invites the public to come and pick their own flowers, while also catering to wedding floral arrangements. By engaging with the community, the farm has gained popularity and support from visitors across South Dakota and neighboring states.

To ensure a successful flower season, the farm begins the process in March by starting a majority of their flowers from seeds. This year, they have adopted a more efficient technique called soil blocking. By creating blocks from soil, they can accommodate a larger number of plants on a tray compared to traditional seed starting methods. This approach not only increases the quantity of flowers produced but also promotes healthier growth by containing the roots within the soil block.

Although the soil blocking method requires more labor, it results in faster plant growth. Despite the farm's current limitation of producing only a few soil blocks at a time, the benefits outweigh the additional effort. Additionally, the farm plans to introduce a perennial area to their garden this year, allowing visitors to experience and pick a wider variety of flowers during the U-Pick events.

The U-Pick events, which occur twice a week starting in mid-July, offer an opportunity for the public to enjoy the beauty of the flower farm and create their own personalized bouquets. It is a wonderful way for individuals to engage with nature and support local agriculture.

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