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Still Not Time to Treat Ash Trees for EAB--Yet
South Dakota Ag Connection - 07/13/2017

The recent find of the emerald ash borer (EAB) in Alta, Iowa, has renewed interest in the invasive insect. However, the borer has still not been found in South Dakota and residents are advised to hold off on treating their ash trees.

"Our foresters are receiving inquiries from tree owners and tree companies about starting to treat their trees for the emerald ash borer," says Greg Josten, state forester for the South Dakota Department of Agriculture. "While the insect was recently found in a tree within 60-80 miles of communities in Union County, treatments for South Dakota trees are still premature."

South Dakota Department of Agriculture forest health specialist Dr. John Ball advises that standard protocol is not to begin treatments, sprays or injections until the insect has been detected within 15 miles of your tree. "It may be several years or more before people need to consider protecting their ash trees."

There are many insecticides and treatment methods that provide excellent protection from the borer and can even be used to kill an existing infestation in a tree. Lists of treatment options will be made available to the public and commercial applicators when EAB is detected in a South Dakota county or a county adjacent to the state.

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