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Seasons Change, but Commitment to Serve Does Not
By: Larry Zimmerman, S.D. Veterans Affairs Department - 08/09/2018

Once the celebrations of the Fourth of July are behind us we have the tendencies to start cramming as much summer fun as we can into our calendars.

We are getting close to turning the pages from summer to fall. Pools will be closing and school doors will be opening. We will be putting away the boats, jet skis, bikes, and lawn mowers and we will be getting out the rakes and servicing the snow blowers.

Our troops serving don't have the opportunity to enjoy the season changes -- they work in severe cold, sudden thaws, heavy rains, great heat, and high winds as each war zone has its own special climate.

Our country's military has left a legacy like no other fighting force ever assembled. The uniforms they wear, and the flag they carry, are held in esteem wherever they have served. And that is their finest tribute. Across the world, to people who struggle and suffer, the sight of an American in uniform has meant hope, relief, and deliverance.

Our troops live and perform by a creed to serve the people of this great country by carrying out their mission. There are no seasonal distractions for them.

Whatever the season, make sure to plan time with family and friends. Make sure to remember our troops that are serving. They are the guardians of our freedom and the way of life we have come to love. We depend on their sacrifices.

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