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Spring Wheat Harvest Advancing; N.D. Yet to Start
South Dakota Ag Connection - 08/12/2022

The condition rating for the North Dakota spring wheat crop slipped slightly this past week, primarily due to expanding dryness across the state, which is adding some stress to the later developing portion of the crop. Current condition ratings have 74 percent of the spring wheat crop rated good to excellent, down from 80 percent the previous week, but still above five-year average levels, and well above 2021 crop ratings. Most of the shift was down into the fair condition rating, with only a 1 percent increase in the poor to very poor.

As of Monday, NASS was reporting no harvest of the North Dakota spring wheat crop, although harvest has begun across southern portions of the state as the week is progressing. It is too early to get a solid assessment of yields and quality but hopefully there will be more information for next week's update. The recent pattern of drier and warmer conditions has been favorable for harvest and advancing crop maturity. Forecasted scattered precipitation will slow progress in some areas of the state the balance of the week. Approximately 14% of the crop was rated as mature on Monday, well behind the more normal level of 45 percent. Nearly two-thirds of the crop has begun to turn color, compared to the more typical level of 90 percent for this date.

Harvest is more advanced in surrounding states with South Dakota estimated at 54% complete, Montana at 22% and Minnesota at 2 percent.

The U.S. northern durum crop had a slight decline in overall condition ratings in both Montana and North Dakota for the week ending Sunday. North Dakota's crop is rated 77% good to excellent, and 1% poor to very poor, down from 84% good to excellent and 1% poor to very poor the previous week. In Montana, the durum crop is rated 43% good and 5% poor to very poor, down from 51% good and 6% poor to very poor the previous week. Due to hot and dry conditions, and earlier planting dates, harvest has already begun in Montana, with 9% harvested, near the five-year average of 11 percent. An additional 74% of the crop is turning color. In North Dakota, no harvest has been reported yet. Nineteen percent of the crop is rated as mature, well behind the five-year average of 35 percent, and 60% of the crop was turning color.

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