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S.D. Preservation and Other Agriculture Bills Signed into Law
South Dakota Ag Connection - 03/16/2023

Wednesday, Governor Noem signed HB 1090 to protect South Dakota agriculture operations from frivolous lawsuits that can delay development and increase costs for producers.

“I’ve always thought that there is something so inherently American about being self-taught and self-starting – about making decisions and solving problems as you go,” said Noem. “My dad always said, ‘We don’t complain about things, we fix them.’ Our South Dakota farmers embody that mindset. They get up every single morning and feed the world. And with this bill, we will preserve their livelihoods so that they can pass it down to their kids and grandkids.”

Noem signed the ag preservation bill at C & B Operations in Mitchell. Travis Mockler spoke at the event – Travis’ operation was previously sued by a liberal activist with a nuisance complaint.

Noem also signed the following four ag appropriations bills into law. Each of these bills were in her budget:

SB 17 – Makes appropriations for water and environmental purposes;

SB 21 – Makes an appropriation for costs related to the Black Hills National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan revision process;

HB 1021 – Makes an appropriation to the State Conservation Commission; and,

HB 1030 – Makes an appropriation for the revised construction costs of the bioproducts facility in Brookings.

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