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Boosting jobs - U.S. bioeconomy's economic impact

Boosting jobs - U.S. bioeconomy's economic impact

By Jamie Martin

A recent report sheds light on the U.S. industrial bioeconomy, revealing its substantial role in job creation and economic growth.

With a focus on biomanufacturing and bioproducts, this sector contributes significantly to the U.S. economy. In 2023 alone, it supported nearly 644,000 jobs, injecting $210 billion into the GDP and generating $49 billion in wages.

This thriving sector encompasses various industries, including the transformation of renewable biomass into fertilizers, bioplastics, biofuels, and more. Notably, it also involves research and development in areas like microbes and enzymes used in modern biomanufacturing.

The report highlights the key role played by the U.S.'s abundant natural resources and robust agricultural sector in establishing the bioeconomy as a vital engine for growth. It emphasizes the high-tech nature of the jobs created, often within union-heavy supply chains, adding value at every stage of production.

The report underscores the resilience of the U.S. industrial bioeconomy, noting its ability to sustain domestic jobs without reliance on strategies to bring jobs back from overseas.

Each direct job in this sector supports over 11 additional jobs through indirect means, showcasing its significant multiplier effect on employment.

The average annual compensation for workers in the industrial bioeconomy stands at $133,600, reflecting the sector's commitment to providing competitive wages.

Additionally, the extended domestic supply chain of this sector generates substantial secondary economic benefits, surpassing other industrial sectors in terms of employment multipliers.

Commissioned by a coalition of industry leaders and associations, the report underscores the collective commitment to expanding the U.S. bioeconomy.

With the right support and continued focus on renewable products, this sector holds immense potential to drive sustainable growth and strengthen the nation's manufacturing landscape.

Photo Credit: vista-mipan

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