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New Carcass Rules to Combat Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease
South Dakota Ag Connection - 10/10/2019

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission has created regulations for the transportation and disposal of deer and elk carcasses from other states and from hunting units within South Dakota's confirmed chronic wasting disease (CWD) areas. The new regulations will not go into effect until the 2020 hunting seasons.

The commission created three regulations to help reduce the spread of CWD.

Defined the geographic area comprising South Dakota's known CWD endemic area:

- Deer Hunting Units: CUD-CU1, BHD-BH1, BHD-BD1, BHD-BD2, WRD-02A, WRD-21A, WRD-21B, WRD-27A, WRD-27B and WRD-27L.

- Elk Hunting Units: CUE-CU1, CEE-CU1, BHE-H1, BHE-H2, BHE-H3, BHE-H4, BHE-H5, BHE-H7, BHE-H9 and PRE-27A.

Established carcass disposal requirements for hunters, taxidermists and game processors:

- A hunter, game processor or taxidermist shall dispose of all remaining deer or elk carcass parts taken from another state, or a known South Dakota CWD endemic area directly to or with a waste management provider that delivers to a permitted landfill when non-commercial or commercial meat processing and taxidermy has concluded.

- Deer and elk carcasses taken from a known South Dakota CWD endemic area that test negative for CWD from a verified test sponsored by the Department would be exempt from this disposal regulation.

- Any recipient of such gift of wildlife as described above shall follow this deer or elk carcass disposal requirement.

Established requirements for carcass movement within South Dakota (intrastate) and carcass movement into South Dakota from another state (interstate):

- Whole or partial deer or elk carcasses and head with antlers attached may be transported from a known South Dakota CWD endemic area, or another state, only if delivered to a licensed taxidermist, commercial processor or to the hunter's domicile and disposed of as described in the CWD disposal regulations.

- Whole or partial deer or elk carcasses and head with antlers traveling through South Dakota are exempt from this regulation.

To learn how you can help slow the spread of CWD, visit

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