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Thomas Takes on Necropsy Lab Role
South Dakota Ag Connection - 01/09/2019

Dr. Milton Thomas has taken on the role of necropsy lab manager at South Dakota State University's ADRDL.

Veterinary practice, dairy nutrition, and vaccine research are among the experiences the ADRDL's new necropsy lab manager brings to the role.

Originally from Kerala, India, Dr. Thomas practiced large animal medicine for four years there before coming to SDSU for a Master's Degree in Dairy Nutrition, working on developing calf starters with distiller's grain. He then completed his PhD in microbiology at SDSU. In doing so, he worked on a universal vaccine for swine influenza using germ-free and conventional pig models.

His post-doctoral research activities have involved sequencing enteric pathogens through the FDA GenomeTrakr project, as well as studying the pathogenesis of bacteria such as Clostridium difficile and Salmonella spp.

Milton's necropsy lab duties lab include assisting pathologists, managing the routine activities in the necropsy section, managing student employees, record maintenance, receiving specimens and animals for necropsy, and interaction with clients.

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