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2023 ag outlook - insights and innovation in soybean farming

2023 ag outlook - insights and innovation in soybean farming

By Scout Nelson

The South Dakota Soybean Association is set to host its annual Ag Outlook event on December 7th in Sioux Falls. This event, aimed at soybean farmers, provides a platform to gather valuable information ranging from market outlooks and weather forecasts to the latest in agronomic practices and seed technologies.

Kevin Deinert, president of the association board, emphasizes the importance of early preparation for the upcoming crop season. The event will reflect on the learnings from the previous year and facilitate interaction between vendors and farmers.

The event schedule includes a series of insightful sessions, starting with an Early Riser session by Dr. Cheryl Reese from South Dakota State University. She will discuss soybean yields and agronomic management.

Other notable speakers include Eric Snodgrass from Nutrien Ag Solutions, addressing weather impacts on agriculture, and Tregg Cronin, a market analyst, who will talk about the evolving agricultural markets and interest rates.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a soybean yield contest and a silent auction. The trade show, spanning the entire day, will feature close to 60 vendors, showcasing the latest in soybean farming.

Apart from these events, the South Dakota Soybean Association's annual meeting and various social gatherings will also take place, offering ample opportunities for networking and discussion among agriculture professionals.

This year's event holds special significance, as the board reviews progress on a new soybean crush plant, which is expected to significantly benefit the region’s soybean market upon completion in 2025.

The Ag Outlook event celebrates the farming community's achievements and hard work, with the Yield Contest Awards and Uniting Agriculture Social serving as a platform to celebrate successes and strengthen relationships within the agricultural community.

Registration for the event is available on the South Dakota Soybean Association’s website, offering a chance for farmers and agricultural professionals to stay ahead in the dynamic field of soybean cultivation.

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