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Cultivating futures - spearfish couple boosts SDSU

Cultivating futures - spearfish couple boosts SDSU

By Scout Nelson

Cal and Mary Hayenga, a couple from Spearfish, have made a significant contribution to South Dakota State University (SDSU) by endowing the Cal and Mary Hayenga Department Head of Animal Science.

The endowment was funded through a strategic gift of land, reflecting their deep commitment to their alma mater and the future of agricultural education.

Cal, an agriculture major from the class of 1969, and Mary, a sociology major from 1967, both met at SDSU. Their shared backgrounds in farming and a common meeting ground at the Wesley Methodist Student Center on campus fostered their connection.

After graduation, Cal expanded his family’s farming operations while Mary initially worked as a social worker before taking over the farm’s bookkeeping.

Facing the challenge of increased land value and resultant estate taxes, the Hayengas turned to the SDSU Foundation for philanthropic guidance. Their decision to donate land not only alleviates some of their financial burden but also benefits SDSU significantly.

This endowment honors Cal’s memorable learning experiences under Bob Seerley, a swine specialist who significantly influenced his educational journey.

Joe Cassady, the South Dakota Corn Endowed Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences at SDSU, acknowledged the profound impact of the Hayengas’ generosity.

This endowed position will enhance the department by funding scholarships and educational experiences, facilitating better student recruitment and retention, and ultimately contributing to the local economy by encouraging graduates to remain in South Dakota.

Through their thoughtful gift, Cal and Mary Hayenga have not only honored their past but have also invested in the future of agricultural leadership at SDSU.

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