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Medgene Receives Grant to Combat Tickborne Diseases in Livestock
South Dakota Ag Connection - 05/24/2023

Medgene, an animal health company, has secured a grant from USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to study tickborne diseases in livestock and develop vaccines. With their innovative platform technology, Medgene aims to address the threat posed by the Asian longhorned tick and its ability to spread diseases.

Dr. Alan Young, Chief Technology Officer at Medgene, has been at the forefront of tickborne disease research since 2013, focusing on their impact on whitetail deer. This collaboration with USDA-NIFA demonstrates their shared commitment to animal health concerns in the United States.

Medgene's vaccine development leverages a versatile USDA-approved "platform technology" adaptable to multiple animal disease targets. This approach enables rapid vaccine creation and a deeper understanding of disease transmission within species and geographical regions.

Following the grant announcement in April, Medgene will commence field research this summer. The eight-month study will involve collaboration with an independent research facility and a team of global experts in tickborne diseases.

The outcomes of this research will enrich Medgene's current vaccine portfolio based on their platform technology, benefiting not only tickborne diseases but also conditions like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

This partnership between Medgene and USDA-NIFA represents a significant step in combatting tickborne diseases and enhancing animal health. By advancing research and developing practical solutions, they aim to protect livestock and contribute to the overall well-being of animals across the United States.

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