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South Dakota Farmers Successfully Recover from Delayed Crop Planting
South Dakota Ag Connection - 05/25/2023

South Dakota farmers have overcome a delayed start to this year's crop production, with many successfully catching up on their corn and soybean planting. Sara Bauder, an extension agronomist at South Dakota State University, reports that the majority of fields have now dried out, enabling farmers to complete their planting tasks or reach the final stages. Initial observations indicate a promising start for the corn and soybean crops, although Bauder raises concerns about potential "chilling injury" that might affect their growth.

While progress has been made with corn and soybeans, attention turns to the state's winter wheat crop, which poses uncertainties. Bauder expresses apprehension regarding its condition and future prospects. Farmers and experts alike will closely monitor the development of the winter wheat crop, given the challenges it may face.

Overall, South Dakota farmers are making notable strides in crop planting, boosting optimism for the upcoming harvest. However, vigilance remains crucial, particularly for the winter wheat crop, as it navigates potential hurdles ahead.

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