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Safety takes center stage during farm health week
South Dakota Ag Connection - 09/22/2023

Established in 1944 through a proclamation by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the National Farm Safety and Health Week is back in its 73rd edition. A beacon of safety awareness, the week-long observance targets both farmers and the public, aiming to inculcate caution, especially during the demanding harvest season.

The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety, led by Director Dan Neenan, has released a free online webinar series on farm safety and health. Topics include equipment and rural roadway safety, health, wellness, young and elderly population safety, confined spaces, and mental well-being and resilience during harvest pressures.

One of the main emphases is on tractor-related risks. With the days growing shorter, Neenan reminds everyone of the escalated risks during the fall. He points out that tractors stand as a primary source of farm-related mishaps, from rollovers to entanglements. Ensuring that all tractor safety systems are functional and intact is a priority.

Neenan sheds light on this year's resonating motto: "No one can take your place." This statement underscores the irreplaceable value of a farmer and the repercussions their loss can have on a family's ability to maintain the farm. During this busy season, drivers are urged to be vigilant, reduce speed, and show patience towards the farming community.

Farmers' mental health, often overshadowed by physical risks, is highlighted in an webinar addressing emotional challenge during harvest season.

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