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South Dakota farms shift crops in 2024
South Dakota Ag Connection - 04/01/2024

In 2024, South Dakota's agricultural landscape is set to change. The USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service reveals shifts in farmers' planting intentions, reflecting both market trends and crop management strategies. Here's what's on the horizon for the state's agriculture:

Corn: This year, farmers are scaling back on corn, with plans to cultivate 6.00 million acres, a decrease of 5% from 2023. The shift suggests a strategic move away from this staple crop.

Soybeans: On the flip side, soybean acreage is on the rise. Producers aim to plant 5.20 million acres, marking a 2% increase from last year. This uptick highlights soybeans' growing role in the state's crop mix.

Hay: The all-important hay acreage is also getting a boost, expected to reach 3.00 million acres, 2% more than the previous year. This indicates a steady demand for livestock feed.

Wheat: Wheat planting shows a mixed picture. Winter wheat seeded last fall is down by 5% at 870,000 acres. Spring wheat planting intentions are upbeat, set to expand by 15% to 850,000 acres, reflecting optimism in this sector.

Sunflowers: Sunflower producers are scaling back significantly, with intended planting at 350,000 acres, a steep 29% drop from 2023. This includes both oil (310,000 acres, down 32%) and non-oil varieties (40,000 acres, steady), indicating a market recalibration.

Oats and Barley: There's positive news for oats and barley, with intended plantings up 6% to 280,000 acres and 18% to 45,000 acres, respectively. These grains seem poised for a comeback.

Sorghum: Sorghum planting is on the rise, with farmers planning to cultivate 365,000 acres, up 9% from last year. This reflects sorghum's increasing importance in crop rotation and market strategy.

These shifts in South Dakota's agricultural planning for 2024 underscore the dynamic nature of farming in the state, as producers adapt to market conditions, environmental considerations, and crop performance trends.

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