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Connect and Grow with SD Farmers Market Coalition Meeting April 2024
South Dakota Ag Connection - 04/02/2024

In the heart of South Dakota's agricultural community, the SD Farmers Market Coalition, a key division of the S.D. Specialty Producers Association, is gearing up for its monthly meeting this April. Aimed at uniting market managers, board members, and vendors, this event promises to be a cornerstone for those looking to thrive in the local market scene.

Scheduled for April 17th, the meeting begins at 9 a.m. Central/8 a.m. Mountain time. It's a unique opportunity for members to network, share insights, and access resources that are vital for fostering the growth of local markets.

To join the meeting, send an email to SDSPA. You need to be a member to take part.

This gathering is not just a meeting but a collaboration platform, hosted by the SDFMC leadership with the SDSU Extension and SDSPA.

Membership in the SD Farmers Market Coalition is a gateway to a wealth of benefits, including access to the National Farmers Market Coalition's resources. With a modest fee of $15/year (plus general SDSPA membership), it’s an investment in the future of local agriculture.

This coalition doesn't just aim to support individual markets; it seeks to weave a stronger community fabric, bolstering the state's agricultural framework.

The SDSPA’s website stands as the gateway for those interested in joining the coalition, offering easy access to membership details and the broader benefits of being part of South Dakota's vibrant agricultural community.

This April meeting is more than just an event; it's a step towards empowering market leaders and vendors with the knowledge, networks, and resources needed to elevate their presence and impact within the local economy.

Whether you’re a seasoned vendor or new to the market scene, this coalition meeting promises insights and opportunities tailored to foster growth and success in South Dakota's agricultural sector.

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