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ASA's young leaders shape farming's future

ASA's young leaders shape farming's future

By Scout Nelson

The American Soybean Association's (ASA) Young Leaders program, established in 1984, is a key initiative in fostering agricultural leadership. It provides a platform for innovative growers to become voices for American farmers, offering two intensive training sessions. 

The program enhances leadership and communication skills, while also fostering a strong peer network, crucial for success in individual agribusinesses and local communities. Graduates often advance to leadership roles within state and national soybean associations. 

The Young Leaders program stands out for its rigorous coursework, designed to sharpen leadership skills, benefiting not just the soy sector but the entire agricultural industry.  Open to individuals over 21, the program is interactive and includes group activities, emphasizing active participation and support for agriculture. 

Highlighting this year's participants from South Dakota, we have Riley Schoenfelder, a Mechanical Engineering graduate with experience in reliability engineering. Alongside his wife, Kelcy, a registered nurse, he plays a vital role in Schoenfelder Farms operations. This diversified farm emphasizes sustainable practices and is moving towards more efficient farming methods. 

Similarly, Ross Tschetter, another participant, along with his wife Jennifer, integrates education and innovative practices in their farming operations. Ross is actively involved in various agricultural programs and organizations, reflecting his commitment to the industry. 

Riley and Ross contain the Young Leaders program's core values, promoting sustainable practices, efficient farming methods, and active industry engagement. They represent the program's success in developing leaders who are not only skilled in agriculture but also equipped to tackle industry challenges and opportunities.  

The ASA's Young Leaders program serves as a catalyst for change and progress in the agricultural sector, inspiring and preparing the next generation of farming leaders. 


Photo Credit - istock-alenamozhjer

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