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SDSU's free BQA training - register now

SDSU's free BQA training - register now

By Scout Nelson

Are you involved in the beef industry? South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension has a not-to-miss opportunity for you. They are hosting a Beef Quality Assurance training session on June 29, 2024, from 1 to 4 p.m. MT at the Wall Community Center.

This training is ideal for anyone raising or handling cattle and is completely free of charge. Just make sure to register by June 26 on the SDSU Extension Events page and search for "beef".

The Beef Quality Assurance program is dedicated to educating beef and dairy producers on the best practices in animal care and management. Led by Addie Womack, SDSU Extension's Livestock Production and Stewardship Field Specialist, the program covers essential topics like biosecurity, cattle health, and effective cattle handling techniques.

“No matter how long you have been in the cattle industry, there is always more that you can learn and skills to improve through training like this,” said Womack.

Benefits of attending this training include the opportunity to become Beef Quality Assurance certified, valid for three years.

This certification not only boosts consumer confidence in beef products but also enhances herd profitability and safeguards the public image of the beef industry. It improves the overall marketability of beef cattle.

Womack emphasizes the importance of communication, saying, "Producers need to be able to tell their story. This training will help you communicate with the public about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it."

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your knowledge and skills in beef quality assurance. Register today and take a step forward in ensuring high standards of your beef production.

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