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South Dakota crops show strong growth

South Dakota crops show strong growth

By Scout Nelson

The latest update from the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service for the week ending on June 9, 2024, has been released, showcasing significant findings for South Dakota's agricultural sector. This week allowed for 5.7 days suitable for fieldwork.

Soil and Moisture Conditions:

  • Topsoil Moisture: Ratings are mostly positive with 74% adequate and 11% surplus.
  • Subsoil Moisture: Similar trends with 74% adequate and a slight dip in surplus to 9%.

Field Crops Overview:

  • Corn: Showing robust growth, 97% of corn is planted with 84% emerged. Crop health appears strong with 71% rated good and 12% excellent.
  • Soybeans: 88% planted and 59% emerged, holding a healthy status with 70% in good condition and 10% excellent.
  • Winter Wheat: Progress is steady with 61% headed and overall condition mostly good or excellent.
  • Spring Wheat: High emergence at 98% with 62% in good condition. However, headed wheat is slower at 7%.
  • Oats: Also showing promising signs with 96% emerged and 70% in good health.
  • Sorghum and Sunflowers: Sorghum planting reached 87% and sunflowers at 53%, both showing reasonable emergence and condition rates.
  • Pasture and Range Report: Pastures are predominantly in good condition, aligning with the overall positive trend in agricultural health across the state.

This report underscores the resilience and promising state of agricultural operations in South Dakota, highlighting a season of robust growth and promising yields despite some minor delays and variations in crop progress.

Photo Credit -usda

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