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Soybeans Spark Green Innovation in South Dakota

Soybeans Spark Green Innovation in South Dakota

By Scout Nelson

Something big is happening in South Dakota, and it's all about tiny beans - soybeans, to be exact! The South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council is super excited to put a whopping $2.5 million into a cool place called the POET Bioproducts Center over the next five years. This isn't just good news for farmers; it's great for science and our planet, too!

The soybean group at South Dakota State University's Research Park is investing $500,000 annually for five years to develop new ways to use soybeans, including food, shoes, ink, and grass, demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Right when people walk into the POET Center, they see all the cool stuff soybeans can do. There's even a special kind of grass outside that's made from soybeans. It's all part of showing how we can use things from nature in new ways to help keep our world clean and green.

But what do the farmers think? David Struck, who's in charge of the soybean group, can't wait to see what comes next. He says it's more than new ideas for farming; it's about using science to make everything better. The center is like a bright light showing the way to a future where we take care of our world.

The 45,000 square-foot building was built with $20 million from state lawmakers, $5 million from POET, $2 million from South Dakota Corn, and $500,000 annually for other costs. The U.S. Economic Development Administration provided $3 million for super-special equipment for the center's labs, making the project cost-effective.

The POET Center's innovative use of soybeans can improve farms, businesses, and everyday life beyond South Dakota, highlighting the potential of new ideas to enhance farming and business operations.

With its $2.5 million, the South Dakota Soybean group is saying loud and clear that it believes in a future where farming helps the planet. It's all about people, science, and nature working together to do amazing things. And it's just getting started!


Photo Credit: gettyimages-gilaxia

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