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Addie Womack leads SDSU livestock initiative

Addie Womack leads SDSU livestock initiative

By Scout Nelson

SDSU Extension is excited to announce the appointment of Addie Womack as a new Livestock Production and Stewardship Specialist. Based at the SDSU Extension Mitchell Regional Center, Womack brings her expertise to the Beef Quality Assurance program in South Dakota, a key educational initiative for the state's beef and dairy producers.

In her new role, Womack will be responsible for training both the trainers of the BQA program and its participants, which include producers, veterinarians, and transportation professionals.

Her efforts will focus on the latest research and animal care techniques aimed at improving livestock handling, herd management, and the implementation of sustainable practices.

Womack's background is deeply rooted in the agriculture sector. She grew up involved in a cow/calf operation and participated in 4-H animal shows.

Her academic path led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business and animal science from Arkansas Tech University, followed by a master’s in animal science from Oklahoma State University, where she specialized in ruminant nutrition.

Her research and professional experience have equipped her with a robust knowledge base, particularly in areas relevant to her current role.

Prior to joining SDSU, she contributed to research projects at the USDA Oklahoma and Central Plains Agriculture Research Center and worked at the University of Arkansas Southwest Research and Extension Center and Yell County (Arkansas) Farm Bureau.

Sandy Smart, SDSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Senior Program Leader, expressed enthusiasm about Womack's addition to the team, noting her family’s longstanding passion for the beef industry and the valuable perspective she brings to the extension services.

Womack is eager to collaborate with local producers and stakeholders, sharing her knowledge and passion for merging livestock management with environmental stewardship to foster sustainability within the industry.

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