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SDSU names agronomy club as 2024's top group

SDSU names agronomy club as 2024's top group

By Scout Nelson

South Dakota State University’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) Prexy Council has awarded the Agronomy and Precision Ag Club the title of 2024 Club of the Year. This accolade is given annually to a club that notably enhances the SDSU campus and its community through active engagement and support for its members.

Club president Kade Wassman expressed pride in the recognition, highlighting the club's commitment to fostering knowledge, leadership, and professional connections in agronomy and precision agriculture. "It was so honoring to see our club receive the 2024 Club of the Year Award," Wassman remarked. "I felt so proud of all our membership and advisors have done to improve each other and the club."

Over 60 active members of the club have experienced significant growth through educational enhancement, participation in national industry events, guest lectures, professional growth opportunities, volunteer activities, and industry tours.

One of the club’s major activities includes attending the Students of Agronomy, Soils, and Environmental Sciences conference, held in 2024 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The conference offers three days of experiential learning through tours, speakers, and networking opportunities.

SDSU's participation was notable, with 20 students attending, supported by fundraising efforts that involve local businesses to minimize costs.

Charles Tesch, a senior double major in agronomy and precision agriculture, praised the SDSU Agronomy and Precision Agriculture Club for its outstanding leadership and commitment in the field.

Tesch praised the club's dedication to education, industry engagement, and networking opportunities, stating it has a lasting impact on its members and the agriculture community.

This recognition underscores the club's role in leading and inspiring future agricultural professionals by providing a platform for growth and leadership in the agricultural sector.

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