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Young farmers gain insights at tri-state conference

Young farmers gain insights at tri-state conference

By Scout Nelson

The Tri-State Young Producers Conference, held in early January in Oklahoma, provided a valuable platform for young farmers and ranchers to gain critical insights into modern agricultural practices.  Travis Spiel, a rancher from Parade, emphasized the importance of being open to new ideas and the pivotal role of access to expert knowledge in achieving sustainability in farming.  

The conference featured workshops by Janelle Guericke, an Ag Business Instructor from Mitchell Technical College, offering clear and comprehensible insights into agricultural marketing.  Her workshop was particularly beneficial to Clear Lake farmers Jerad and Amanda Goens, who, inspired by Guericke's session, felt confident to try new market strategies.  

South Dakota Farmers Union sponsored several South Dakota couples to attend a conference, demonstrating their commitment to investing in the future of South Dakota's agriculture.  Executive Director Karla Hofhenke emphasized the importance of providing young farmers with reliable information and expert advice. 

Farmers Union Vice President Jeff Kippley and presidents from Oklahoma, North, and South Dakota facilitated discussions on topics like commodity market information, succession planning, the upcoming Farm Bill, and farm and ranch policy among attendees.  

The event wasn't just about gaining knowledge; it also provided a platform for networking. Camp Crook ranchers Kaeloni and Jason Latham appreciated the chance to connect with fellow young producers who share similar lifestyle challenges and aspirations. 

This conference marks a significant step in empowering young agricultural producers with the knowledge and connections needed to navigate the complexities of modern farming and ranching, ensuring the continued growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector. 


Photo Credit - gettyimages-zoran-zeremski

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