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FFA teams advance to farm safety quiz bowl at state fair

FFA teams advance to farm safety quiz bowl at state fair

By Scout Nelson

The 2024 South Dakota Farmers Union Farm Safety Quiz Bowl Championship at the State Fair will feature teams from Canton, Milbank, Platte-Geddes, and Wessington Springs. These teams secured their spots during the FFA State Convention and will compete on September 31, during Farmers Union Day at the South Dakota State Fair.

Doug Sombke, SDFU President, emphasized the importance of farm safety education: “Most farm and ranch families have been impacted by an accident. Farmers Union works to educate South Dakota youth so they can make safe decisions.”

The competition is set against a backdrop of real-life farm incidents that underscore the importance of safety. For example, Canton FFA member JJ Rupe recalled, “My grandpa got his hand caught in a combine. After that he got big into farm safety and telling us what we need to do to be safe.” This personal connection to farm safety motivates participants to engage deeply with the quiz material.

Cayla Graves, Platte-Geddes FFA Advisor, highlighted the importance of farm safety knowledge due to the rural nature of their communities. The quiz bowl format leverages the competitive spirit of the students to foster a strong engagement with farm safety issues.

Participants also see the competition as a learning opportunity. Sutton Stluka of Platte-Geddes FFA noted, "If you miss a question and the other team gets it right, you learn from their answer. So, we were not only competing, but also learning."

The teams heading to the championship are comprised of dedicated students who balance their educational pursuits with their responsibilities on the farm. Mariah Messmer from Wessington Springs FFA shared her preparation plans, emphasizing the relevance of farm safety, "I will take some farm safety quizlets,” she said. “Farm safety is something I will be thinking about more now that I know I will be competing."

The upcoming championship at the state fair not only marks a competitive event but also a reunion for students like Avery VanOverbeke from Milbank FFA, who values the chance to reconnect with friends as they all prepare for future college endeavors.

Teams and their members qualifying for the State Fair Championship include:

  • Canton FFA: Jacob Rupe, Conley Winquist, Owen Gard, and Alyssa Richmond.
  • Platte-Geddes FFA Chapter: Sutton Stluka, Garret Varilek, Harper Kirsch, and Hannah Kirsch.
  • Wessington Springs FFA Chapter: Holden Jackson, Haiden Boschee, Mariah Messmer, and Addyson Orth.
  • Milbank FFA Chapter: Landon Novy, Avery VanOverbeke, Kaden Schweer, and Nick Fonder.

This event serves as a crucial platform to instill a lifelong commitment to safety in the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

Photo Credit -south-dakota-ffa

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